Monday, April 21, 2014

9 Ways to Make Money FAST

Whether the need is to have extra money or to have enough money, getting our hands on it quickly can sometimes be a challenge. See if any of these methods would work for you.
  1. Have a GOOD Yard Sale* - (see below)
  2. Sell items on eBay - consider those gadgets you've had for years & don't use
  3. Sell larger items on Craig's List - baby things, exercise equipment, furniture you can do without
  4. Become a weekend "Honey Do-er"** - (see below)
  5. Cancel or reduce the package size of cable or satellite TV - pay yourself
  6. Cancel cell phone plan(s) & change to pre-paid service - pay yourself
  7. Brown-bag lunches - pay yourself
  8. Eliminate sodas & bottle your own water - pay yourself
  9. Increase insurance deductibles - pay yourself
* A GOOD Yard Sale begins with a GOOD newspaper ad. Highlight major items like "boat", "freezer" and major categories like "furniture", "guy stuff", & establish a "tone" for the sale, eg. "clearing out 20 years accumulation" or "decorator changing gears" or "empty-nester reclaiming space". Give date, hours, address, phone number. Make plenty of GOOD signs using 1/4 to 1/2 sheets of light colored poster board with large, black lettering and bold directional arrows. Pre price all items. Keep smaller items on tables if possible. Remember that items on the ground will appear to be of lesser value. The higher an item is placed, in elevation, the more prominence it is given and the better price it will bring. Make sure items are clean and well displayed. Be sure to collect your signs after the sale if finished.

** Make flyers headlined something like "Help Clearing Your TO-DO List" and distribute in your neighborhood and among your friends (especially to seniors), offering up to 2 hours of weekend assistance for a flat fee or $10 to $20 an hour. List a few examples of the things you would be able to help with like trimming shrubs, organizing the garage, washing cars, washing ceiling fans & light fixtures, changing linens, cleaning blinds, washing interior windows, etc. You'd be surprised how many people could use just a little help and if they think they can get it for a couple of hours on the weekend without breaking the bank, you might find yourself with some very steady customers.

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