Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gardening - "First Things" in 2011

After waiting for spring for so long, it seemed a shame that I should fall ill just as it arrived. Even so, it gave me a chance to rethink the extent of the gardening I would do this summer. My conclusion? KEEP IT SIMPLE!
Sometimes, simple is more difficult than one would wish. First, I decided that I would not go to the expense and effort of growing tomatoes this year since I discovered them by the bushel at the Farmer's Market at prices my most frugal growing efforts could not match. That freed up 2 very large containers for other use. After deciding on radishes and carrots, I discovered the need to battle burrowing squirrels for the right to use the space. I won! Link to the battle and conquest HERE.
Now the first radishes are ready for the table and as they are picked, carrot seeds will begin to fill the empty spaces. Judging from the abundance of radishes, and if the carrots do half as well, I'll have plenty of them for canning. That will require the purchase of a pressure canner but will allow me to put up so many more good things over the summer. So look for upcoming posts on canning the caning efforts as well as this season's gardening as I explore new ways to grow more in less space and with less work.

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