Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Life for Old Mirror

Sometimes I just need to forget about the weather, finances and my incredibly long 'to do' list and chill. When painting, reading and letters require too much thought, my favorite do-nothing pastime is making something from nothing.
Several months ago, I picked up an old gilded mirror for $3 at a yard sale knowing that I would paint it white. Can't get enough white! Still, it was a genuine antique of good original quality and must have been quite expensive in it's day. I dutifully mourned it's fall from grace and finally accepted the fact that if it were possible to magically restore it's pristine condition and golden glory, it would not even belong in my house.
I considered darkening the crevasses to mimic eons of dust accumulation but the carvings were so nice and deep that it was not necessary in order to bring out the design. Simple shadows took care of that. Then I though I'd sand the raised surfaces to represent the wear from years of dusting and rubbing across the surface. That wouldn't work because it revealed the gold underneath. Finally, I just pulled out a dark brown marker and hit the high spots and corners where wear would have taken place. I thought the contrast was a bit stark at first but the water based marker began to fade into the white undercoat. The result was a bit subtle, showing it's age and wear and shabby to the max. It fits perfectly into my eclectic mix. Happy day!

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Cindy said...

B-E-A-utiful!!!! I love these crafty little ideas! Wish I had some kids/grandkids to try 'em out on!!! :-)