Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plastic Bags - Grocery and Mesh

Don't know what to do with all the grocery store plastics?
A plastic mesh bag solves the problem of the mounting accumulation of plastic grocery bags and keeps the them handy for re-purposed use. This plastic mesh bag is heavy duty and originally surrounded a ham or a beef brisket. The stiffness of the bag itself and the roughness of it's interior is perfect for grabbing the lightweight grocery bags and holding them securely in place even in this upside down position.

The softer mesh bags are perfect for holding toddler tub toys. Simply thread a ribbon through the open end to act as a draw-string and fill the bag with the plastic boats and frogs and rubber duckies that litter the edges of your bathtub. Hang it on the faucet handle and it not only clears the clutter, it allows the contents to drain and drip dry.


Make your own kitchen scrubber using a mesh bag and a couple of heavy duty rubber bands. I will post photos of the process as soon as I'm able. Basically, you open both ends of the bag and pull on the ends to stretch it out, fold it in thirds and secure it with a rubber band around the middle. Then fold it in half, at the rubber band and attach another rubber band (close to the first). This makes a knob or handle for easy use. This is as good as any scrubber you can buy but this one is FREE...everyone's favorite price.

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