Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Potato Pone

From the first time I saw the old movie "The Yearling" I have been curious about "Sweet Potato Pone" and have researched it for years. Long before I ever baked my own hundreds of pones of cornbread, I wrapped many a slice or square in a napkin to take with me outdoors to play, just as young Jody did with his sweet potato pone in the yearling story.
The recipes I have found, vary greatly but inevitably result in a dense, custard type pudding, much like cooked pumpkin pie filling. Surely, that is not appropriate for a little boy's pocket. So, I've been experimenting and am getting closer. When and if I ever get it right in my own mind, I will share the results. In the meantime, the recipes found through the following links provide an inexpensive and mouth-watering accompaniment to ham.
Recipe #1 at - Recipe #2 at Gumbo Pages - Recipe #3 at Bella Online - Recipe #4 at Ambergriscaye

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