Friday, August 14, 2009

A Follower's Suggestions for Cost Cutting

I came up with an idea for your next blog (or one in the future). How about
"Stop using Consumables when non-consumables will work"
Here's the idea...
1- Emery boards cost money and you use them up. A metal file does the same job and lasts forever.
2- Exfoliating creams and lotions have to be replaced. A good loofa or buff puff does the same job.
3- Paper towels cost money (although good for SOME stuff). A drawer full of rags (made from cut up old towels) can be rinsed and reused over and over for quick spills as well as scrubbing needs. Toss them in the wash.
4- Cloth diapers used even one day a week, can cut down on disposables by a considerable sum over the course of the diaper-years......Etc.
I'm sure you can come up with TONS more suggestions. These are just some of the ones I came up with. In addition, the loofa used prior to shaving, can get a MUCH closer shave and prevent the "chicken skin" problem. You can end with something funny like "Toothbrushes need replacing every 6 months, but a good wire brush is forever!" Hee hee! - Cindy


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Where'd you come up with that??? Hee hee!

David Ted Smith said...


I looked all through your blog for your email and never found so I am posting a comment to your blog in hopes you will contact me. You may not remember me, but nearly 20 years ago you changed my life when I spent a couple of weeks with your family in Jacksonville FL. Your son and I took the bus back to Arkansas together. I hope that rings a bell.

I would love to correspond with you and to personally thank you for making a difference in my life.

David Ted Smith
please email me at

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Great ideas...and so simple! Also, love the wire brush lasting forever reference...hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment. It made my day.

Nice to meet you.